New requirements for measuring and controlling in vehicles.

Sensor/Actuator Technology 

From measuring to controlling, from sensor to actuator. New efficiency in measuring and control technology. More and more signals have to be measured, more and more functions have to be controlled. 

Many of these functions are currently still integrated in the control devices themselves. However, the future is in spreading electronics‘ intelligence over each preceding sensor and actuator. Intelligent components are used today to measure and alter conditions directly at their point of origin.

Often in development, simulators are used that influence the conditions in a test bench or in test vehicles with various generated measuring values. We support the most various technical developments of these fields of applications in automotive technology with our „Measuring/Controlling“ portfolio.

FlexGen-M PWM

FlexGen-M PWM is a mobile PWM generator with which a power PWM signal can be created. All parameters as well as a control algorithm are generated within the device and can be read on the integrated display. In addition to mobile operation, the device can also be easily controlled from an external test bench via various interfaces.


With the FlexIO product family, the configurable signal allocation of vehicle bus systems to analog/digital inputs and outputs are made possible. For example, that way, power outputs can be operated comfortably via the bus system. Additionally, further measuring data like temperatures can be recorded.

FlexGen-M Sent

FlexGen-M SENT is a versatile, mobile and self-sustaining platform with which sensor data can be simulated and manipulated, processed and generated. It reads out SENT sensors and shows parameters, simulates non-existing sensors or distorts real sensor values for testing purposes.
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Networking technology
Networking technology
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