CONSULTING – profession from first step to the final result
CONSULTING – profession from first step to the final result
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​The first car is sold by sales employee, the second by the service worker. The After-Sales business is a huge area that can help to increase customer loyalty by building up a positive brand image in aspects of After-Sales services and thereby increase long-term profits. 

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Our company supports and consults with the customers to become gradually more successful. We work on the serviceability of the vehicles during the development phase and help to define the spare parts requirements. For the retail, we can provide technical training for service employees, generate adequate retail media for the After-Sales activities, develop and implement processes and tools to measure and increase the efficiency of promotion actions for service and parts. As a result the verifiable economic success motivates retailers and their employees.

We offer services in the following areas

  • Product Support
  • After-Sales Documentation
    Retail Media
  • Dealer Qualification
  • Recall Management

Examples Retail Media

Dealer’s Process Manual

Auto dealers shall at least fulfill the following two tasks: to sell and to repair vehicles. In face of a fast-changing market, a dealer shall successfully sell and repair vehicles in a most efficient way. Hence, dealer must establish their procedures and cultivate well-trained staff. Currently, staff from a German sports car manufacturer can learn Chinese market demand and sales strategy regarding massive produced and special vehicles, by referring to interactive PDF files. Moreover, they also can find all the necessary forms and systems via such electronic files.

Our services mainly include

  • To provide the design scheme for such files, with a focus on format design and intuitive operability
  • To set procedures regarding sales, order receiving, maintenance, diagnosis, repairing, etc.
  • To illustrate the procedure files to improve its readability
  • To prepare interactive document and create innovative publicity material for dealers

Example Dealer Qualification

Technical Training

In recent years, the number of new car models produced in China is steadily increasing, same as the number of dealers and repair shops. Service and repairment to these cars require in-depth and latest professional know-how concerning vehicle technology, repair processes, workshop tools and systems. Our consultants in Beijing have been training the dealership of a well-known European OEM in China.

Our services mainly include

  • To create a new theoretical and practical training concept for all vehicles and workshop systems
  • To perform those trainings for employees within the retail organization
  • To follow up the trainings and generation of participant statistics
  • To provide support for follow-up questions of the participants continuously
  • To increase training satisfaction levels and the knowledge within the retail organization
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