ENGINEERING  – perfection from the initial idea to serial production
ENGINEERING – perfection from the initial idea to serial production
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​The pressing demand for environmental friendly automotive technology, combined with features like state-of-the-art driver assistance, multi-media & internet capabilities etc., leads worldwide to an increased amount of specialists needed during the development process of a car. For most companies not only the headcount is a critical point, but especially the various highly specific topics that car manufacturers have to cover during the development and testing of todays and tomorrows cars. We can provide Research & Development support for our customers with top-grade service in the fields of Powertrain, Electric & Electronic, Body in White, Interior & Exterior, Whole Vehicle testing, etc., no matter if a single specialist or a development team is required.​

We offer services in the following areas

  • Vehicle Development
  • Vehicle Testing
  • Vehicle Certification
  • Troubleshooting

Example Vehicle Testing

Test Drive

For our customer, a Sino-German joint venture, our expert consultants will frequently test new vehicles at a proving ground on various conditions that are universal in China. Experts both in special components (such as a drive system or electrical/electronic devices) and whole vehicles know very well about all the test conditions, able to offer a corresponding solution for all the problems arising thereof.

Our main tasks include

  • To organize and arrange test vehicles and test routes
  • To make preparation for vehicles that are used for tests of various types
  • To analyze and eliminate various defects, from minor problems to “serious” ones including breakdown
  • To offer technical proposals to the management staff and the R&D department

Example Vehicle Certification

CCC Exhaust System

One of our customers is a German OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) in China. In the project, we are responsible for the homologation, investigation and reporting of the drivetrain certification on the imported vehicles of all levels.

Our main tasks include

  • To provide support for all the procedures related to certification planning and implementation
  • To plan, coordinate and conduct an exhaust emission test for all the vehicle types and engine models, on test platforms, test road sections and regular roads
  • In consideration of various operating conditions (climate, road & traffic conditions, fuel quality), to help adjust engine parameters to ensure that the vehicle can meet the Chinese regulations on exhaust emission
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