PROJECT MANAGEMENT - precision from every milestone to macroscale
PROJECT MANAGEMENT - precision from every milestone to macroscale
We carry projects with focuses on technique, resource, process and results

Project Management

Today, most car producers will devote themselves to the development of multiple vehicle types and a great quantity of derivative product series at the same time. In addition, international cooperation platforms have been widely applied to R&D and production.

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In China, although the development and production of vehicles with parts from domestic suppliers is of the top priority, the import of spare parts still has a significant impact on the planning process in the Project Management. The challenge to meet market and customer demands, to fulfill various regulations and finally to pass the CCC homologation under tight company targets and limited company resources increases every year.

Therefore, a professional, efficient and well-organized project management team is necessary for complex projects, which will ensure a successful implementation during the whole product lifecycle. Our project managers are capable of establishing a professional project management team and bring their talent into full play. Specially, our core services include: project planning, time management, task allocation & coordination and consultancy. The above will be completed by our high-level professionals on-site at our customers.

We offer services in the following areas

  • Technical Project Management
  • Strategy & Market Analysis
  • Ramp-Up Management

Example Technical Project Management

Cross-border vehicle development

To guarantee the successful fulfillment of a project, our consultants are providing all-around support to the technical project leader from a large OEM for Sino-German vehicles, including coordination & cooperation in all the relevant R&D fields and task assignment, which can ensure that the project can meet all requirements and achieve the given development target.

The project is also confronted with an additional challenge, namely, to make a decision on all the technical features of vehicles and define the task assignment between the R&D departments both in China and Germany. STAR is responsible for organizing and following up all the necessary discussions and meetings, making a summary of all varied viewpoints and opinions by the participants in the project.

Example Strategy & Market Analysis

CO2 Fleet Consumption

The Chinese government will further decrease the vehicle emission quota with more strict regulation. Therefore, car manufacturers must accurately work out the average fuel consumption and frequently check & optimize the result. Our consultants will help the customer to understand and analyze the relevant regulation content. They will develop optimization schemes based on different production series and vehicle types. With tools, they will calculate the consumption scenarios of long-term vehicle plan. The result is one of the important factors for R&D and marketing strategy.

Our services mainly include

  • To monitor gasoline consumption of all the passenger vehicles
  • To discuss with technical departments, sales and marketing frequently
  • To organize and implement of the scheme adopted and responsible for follow-up work
  • To propose a scheme and make a report to the senior management level
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